A “Must Do List For Your Family This Summer?

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I’m finally getting around to posting on my therapy blog.  I’ve been a busy guy as I’ve moved most of my practice to Cherry Creek to Paramount Health Directions upon the invitation of Dr. Daniela Stamatoiu.   I excited to bring Strong Solutions to Dr. Stamatoiu’s practice and have been very impressed with the team she’s put together there.  We are an integrated mental health team that offers the best assessment and treatment in the Denver area.  I consider Dr. Stamatoiu the best psychiatrist in Denver and am honored to be a part of her team.

On to my topic about a “Must Do” list for your family this summer (I just can’t call it a bucket list)…what are the activities you and your family would like to do this summer?  What accomplishments would you like to take on as a “team”?  If you’ve read my past blog on Family Therapy, you’ll know that creating your family’s “culture” as being kind, hard working, adventurous etc… is very important to helping your children launch onto a responsible and healthy adulthood.  Let’s teach our children that life is worth living by working hard and playing healthy!!!

Although I’m older than I once was I have a good memory of my teenage years.  I remember watching my father work hard and come home unhappy.  He didn’t seem to have a lot of healhty fun outside or work so I remember thinking “What’s the point?”.   Let’s teach our children that the point of hard work is Pride, Rewards, and a Good Life!   If you want your son to put down the video game, or your daughter to dock the phone, what do you have to offer that’s better?  As a family?

Those who know me know that in the spring and summer I’m taking my family on river trips (go to this link to read my blog Bill Strong of Denver on Family River Trips).  You’ll see that the Strong Family is passionate about rafting.  So what is your families thing?  I’m a native Coloradan and am very outdoorsy so you’ll see that one of our things is all about roughing it.  Does your family have a thing?  If not, get one before it’s too late?

Feel free to email me for suggestions at bill@strongsoultionsonlin.com, or if you have some ideas let me know and I’ll post them here.

Besides rafting, this summer we hope to accomplish:

Taking the Cumbres & Toltec train (after rafting the Rio Chama of course).

Having a “Party at the Park” with all of our friends.

Teaching our kids how to change a tire on the car.

Hiking into the Lost Park Wilderness Area (a yearly event).

Water World

Going to Pugs in the Park (another yearly event).

Red Rocks Movies.

Well that’s a start anyway.  Have a great summer with your family!


“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle

William Strong, LCSW

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